Professional Products

When it comes to ensuring that your salon treatment is long-lasting and effective, the best thing to do is follow up on your salon treatment with the use of professional products at home. By using professional products designed for salon use, you ensure that you get the maximum benefits from your salon treatment no matter what it is.
Here at Redmond’s Hair & Beauty Salon, we stock a wide range of professional products for the upkeep of hair, beauty, tanning, teeth whitening, and manicure treatments. By opting for professional products instead of store-bought products, you can bring that pampered salon feeling back into the comfort of your own home, ensuring beautiful results every time, long after you’ve left Redmond’s.

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Professional Hair Products

Redmond’s Hair & Beauty Salon is proud to be a Revlon salon, using Revlon professional salon branded products to keep your colour and hair looking sleek, shiny, and healthy. For the upkeep of your new style, we sell a range of Revlon products for at-home use to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and manageable between salon visits. We also stock Keratin Nanocure products for our 16 week blowdry clients to ensure that your blowdry stays beautiful for the full 4 months.

Professional Beauty Products

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Professional Teeth Whitening Products

Following on from your express teeth whitening treatment, we provide tooth whitening powder to ensure that your Hollywood smile lasts. We sell Polished London branded tooth whitening powder, which is a non-peroxide, tooth-safe powder renowned for being gentle on teeth and gums while fighting bacteria, removing stains, and leaving your mouth feeling minty fresh and clean.

Professional Nail Products

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Professional Tanning Products

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